Dining Plans & Saying “Yes!”

Dr. David Rogers
January 25, 2020

Kid: “Can I have ice cream?”

Parent: “Yes!”

Kid: “Can I have some popcorn?”

Parent: “Yes!”

One of the wonderful things about Disney is how adults in a family get to say “YES!” to the kids who are with them on vacation. Everybody who plans to enjoy the various Disney theme parks will need to figure out what to do about food at some point. Being able to select one of the various Disney Dining Plans as part of your family vacation package enables you not only to pre-pay for your food (which saves about 30% rather than buying it while on location), but also allows you more easily to say “YES!” to your kid’s requests for food.

My wife has expressed to me numerous times how much she loves the Disney Dining Plans for multiple reasons. She tells me…

Reason #1: I don’t have to be “Mean Mommy.”

If one of the kids wants a snack, I get to tell them “YES!” Throughout the rest of the year it seems like many times the answers tend to be “NO.” But when we are at Disney, if it pertains to snacks, “Mean Mommy” stays home and “Nice Mommy” gets to say “YES!”

Why? That leads to…

Reason #2: Everybody understands “2.”

If your kids are old enough to ask you for snacks, then they are old enough to understand “2.” “You can have 2 snacks today.” If my kid wants a Mickey pretzel at 9 am, “That’s 1.” Now my kid knows he or she gets one more snack throughout the day because everybody understands “2.” The Disney Dining Plans go way beyond two snacks per day per person; it includes everything from a quick service meal to unique table service meals. Whether we’re talking a snack or a signature meal complete with character appearances, this leads to…

Reason #3: Everything is already paid for in advance.

Being able to pre-pay for all our food before we ever get inside the Disney bubble makes for a much more enjoyable vacation. We don’t feel like we have a vacuum cleaner hooked up to our wallets…or Magic Bands. We can relax and enjoy our meals and snack times just like our kids. No worries. No sticker shock at the menu prices. Just pick, savor, and enjoy the endless dining experiences provided throughout the Disney properties.

For more information on Disney Dining Plans, contact your Golly What A Day Vacations Travel Planner today and start saying “YES!”

Dr. David Rogers
David grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club, all the classic Disney movies and enjoying trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World on multiple occasions. Being able to share a passion for all things Disney is a blessing and privilege.