Disney Planning: Do It Yourself or Do It For Me

Dr. David Rogers
January 11, 2020

Does your life suffer from a famine of time? Do you find yourself experiencing decision fatigue due to all the requests being made of you? If these two descriptions connect with your busy life, you likely would resonate with an article I read concerning a trend in our society. Carey Nieuwhof suggests, “DIY (Do It Yourself) is slowly giving way to DIFM –Do It For Me.” An illustration that drove this observation home dealt with the fact that we can buy pre-sliced apples. Reading how Mr. Nieuwhof put it still sticks in my mind.

“People are willing to play double, triple or 10X the price of a normal apple simply to have someone else slice it for them. Think about that for a minute. All you need, after all, to cut your own apple is a knife and about 30 seconds. If someone told your grandmother this would be true one day, she may have died on the spot out of shock.”

While our Travel Planners will not be able to help you slice your apples, we are available to help you get back some of your precious time. We are experts at helping to simplify options and guide you in making the best decisions for an incredible Disney vacation.

Our concierge level customer service is 100% fee free. All of our Travel Planners at Golly What A Day Vacations are graduates of the Disney College of Knowledge and bring their expertise to your side to help plan the perfect trip for you and your family. Leave the details to us so you can focus on your family having the time of your life!

After understanding your family needs, our Travel Planners will take care of:

  • Dining reservations
  • Transportation arrangements to and from the airport to your Disney Resort
  • Customized daily itineraries
  • Personalized care developing your vacation plan
  • Securing Tickets and FastPasses

Planning a Disney Vacation that sets a family up for success and cherished memories that will last a lifetime is not rocket science, but there is a science to it. We would love to help you experience the magic on your next Disney destination. Sure, you can DIY; but we would love you to ask us to DIFM. Let us help so you have time to slice your own apples.

Dr. David Rogers
David grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club, all the classic Disney movies and enjoying trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World on multiple occasions. Being able to share a passion for all things Disney is a blessing and privilege.