Disney Pre-Trip Bang for Your Buck

Dr. David Rogers
October 18, 2019

There is nothing quite like seeing the thrills and excitement being unleashed when the ones you love the most find out they are heading to a Disney vacation. The squeals, screams and jumping for joy are almost as fun as experiencing those first steps into the Magic Kingdom. Once your group walks past the sign that reads: “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy,” it’s only a matter of time before your experiences together as a family confirm what you had hoped. This absolutely was worth everything we wanted it to be!

As much fun as you will have once you are experiencing the magic while on your Disney vacation, don’t miss out on the trove of pre-trip treasure that is at your fingertips as you count the days leading to your arrival. Once your group knows that a Disney vacation is on the horizon, a countdown begins that can build with great anticipation. Along the way are so many opportunities to leverage the trip of a lifetime with conversations about what it will be like, family outings to Disney movies at the theater, and experiencing a Disney Parks Live Stream from one of Disney’s social media platforms. The opportunities are endless to help build excitement and cultivate a family bond along the journey leading inside the “Disney bubble” that likely will not pop until you are heading home with full hearts and tired feet.

Our family enjoys the build-up to the next Disney vacation by scheduling what we call “Disney Family Nights.” These usually include grabbing a pizza, popping some popcorn and putting in or searching up one of our favorite Disney movies to help get us in the mood for the upcoming magic that only Disney can deliver.

Never underestimate how a 20-minute hop on YouTube before bedtime to watch one of the many Disney theme park parades from past and present day can put the whole family in a great mood. There is something about the music of the Main Street Electrical Parade or the bright neon of a Paint the Night Parade that makes an ordinary evening a bit more magical. You’ll be humming “When Can I See You Again?” as you check your countdown app all while helping your family get excited along the way.

Disney helps facilitate excuses for our family to be together and bond. The same can happen for yours, too! If you choose to maximize all the moments leading up to the magic bands being scanned at the park entrances, the value of your family vacation will be much greater than you ever imagined. And once your Disney vacation is complete, then the post-trip bang for your buck will begin! Yes, Disney is an endless value pre and post trip! Make the most of yours starting today.

Dr. David Rogers
David grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club, all the classic Disney movies and enjoying trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World on multiple occasions. Being able to share a passion for all things Disney is a blessing and privilege.