If We Make It Through December

Dr. David Rogers
December 08, 2019

Merle Haggard was a country music singer/songwriter who bellowed out a lament of hope in one of his songs about making it through the challenges of December. The final month of the year can be both stressful and expensive. With the number of shopping days until Christmas counting down, the pressure to get everything done, bought, wrapped and under the tree can have us all humming along with Haggard’s tune if we are not careful.

However, December does not have to be a grind to get finished. It can be a delightful month to enjoy. One of the ways that may take a load of the pressure off is by giving the gift of a Disney vacation to your family. We have experienced the “wow” factor from our kids by surprising them with upcoming trips to the Magic Kingdom as a big part of their Christmas presents in previous years. There is no excitement like a kid finding out he or she is headed to see the Mouse in the coming days. If you want to make a memory, give them a trip to a Disney destination.

DISCLAIMER: If I thought we had to pay for a summer trip in full to Disney World in December, I definitely would be singing the blues with Haggard. However, Disney makes it easy to get started on a trip and pay it out over time with a variety of budget considerations. A $200 deposit is all it takes to ensure the Disney “magic” is part of your Merry Christmas. Being able to pay the balance of the trip off during the remainder of the year up to 30 days before departing for your trip makes getting through December much more affordable.

There is so much peace in knowing that once your family arrives at your Disney destination, everything short of souvenirs already has been paid in full. One of our Travel Planners already will have booked your FastPasses, the dining plan options have been reserved, and the only thing left to do is fulfill the lyrics to Haggard’s song.

“If we make it through December, got plans to be in a warmer town come summertime. Maybe even California, if we make it through December, we’ll be fine.”

You can make it. We can help. Let’s book a Disney trip today and make December delightful!

By Dr. David Rogers

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Dr. David Rogers
David grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club, all the classic Disney movies and enjoying trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World on multiple occasions. Being able to share a passion for all things Disney is a blessing and privilege.