Pin Trading Adds Value

Dr. David Rogers
December 18, 2019

One of the ways our family enjoys the magic of Disney is through trading and collecting pins. All throughout the parks and resorts are various opportunities for guests and cast members alike to engage with the ever-popular world of decorative collector pins. Whether it is entering one of the many pin trading stores, sidling up to a pin-stocked kiosk, noticing a cast member’s display by a check-out counter, or perhaps interacting with another guest as you exchange glances at one another’s lanyard presentation, Disney trading pins are all the rage.

Our son has enjoyed exploring the world of Disney pins the past few times we have been to the various parks. What started as buying a couple of simple packs of starter pins associated with the Star Wars theme has turned into a real sidebar of joy. The whole family now has an eye out for where cast members have their pins displayed for any guest who might like to take a gander and make a swap of the shiny treasures.

Pins often are displayed on lanyards that are worn around the neck. Pins and lanyards alike can be purchased in many of the shops throughout the parks and resorts regardless. Our son enjoys showcasing them in different categories while wearing them on his lanyard while in the parks. He has some pins that are for collecting and others that are for trading purposes. Pins come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and combinations. Some focus on Disney characters while others depict Disney park attractions and can range in value from a few dollars to a few thousand depending on a variety of factors.

Disney is a master at offering options for people to engage with the little things that end up making a big impact on people’s experiences. It’s been fun to watch our son gravitate to different pins for different reasons. The conversations that have been sparked by noticing different elements of a simple pin have been priceless. Take the time to explore the interesting world of Disney pins the next time you are at one of the parks. It may ignite a new hobby, a different experience for your family, and something unique to talk about between bites of your next churro or dole whip.

by Dr. David Rogers

Dr. David Rogers
David grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club, all the classic Disney movies and enjoying trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World on multiple occasions. Being able to share a passion for all things Disney is a blessing and privilege.